This is the ONE site that every film fan should know about. A description will not even do it justice...
Great place to be! Find out reviews and news on the newest movies, and explore a database of box office predictions, results, reviews, etc. It goes on and on!
Next to IMDB, one of the best places for movie fans!!!!!
FINALLY; a site that is devoted to gathering all the available reviews for movies to provide the reader with an idea of a consensus. If you want to know what critics say, and how their views measure up to the rest, then this is undoubtedly the greatest film site at your disposal. Also contains constantly updated news sections. Message boards also featured.
An essential place to visit if there's a title available on DVD or VHS that you would like to purchase online.
If you're looking for a hard-to-find movie on VHS or DVD, than Movies Unlimited is the first suggestion I can give you to check out. If it isn't there, chances are it never existed.
If you're still into the annual Academy Awards hoopla, then the home site is really the best place for you (especially on a historical level -- archives of all past winners are available).
Thomas Chau's brilliant cinema site is just loaded with info on the upcoming movies industry. Without a doubt, the internet's #1 source for movie info (and I'm not just saying that because I wrote for it in the past, either)..
Literally the most comprehensive news hub based on everything-movies I have ever read. A great source if you want information about film festivals and critics awards.
An endlessly informative scoop site about upcoming movie releases from any point of development. Often delivers information before any other site can get a hold of it.
If there's *any* movie you want to know *any* information about *before* it reaches theaters, this is the only sensible place to visit. Greg Schmitz, one of the greatest Internet writers, incidentally, works here.
A great site devoted to the worst movies of all time. Find out what the critics say, what the public votes the worst--anything you want, literally.
Your's truly is still a member of this amazing establishment of internet critics, and the site there, now hosted by Rotten Tomatoes, is informative, well-designed, and serves as a great entry point for those interested in reading other fine internet movie writers.
Mr. Ebert's Tastes as of late aren't exactly something to brag about, but he's the father of film criticism.
James Berardinelli has been called the #1 Online critic by Roger Ebert, and no wonder: here is a website loaded up on thousands of honest and well-written reviews. One cannot go wrong when reading his stuff.
Eugene Novikov and I are Internet acquaintances from way back when, and his reviews are evidence of why I trust his judgement over most of the professional online critics. This is a place I advise you to vist very often.
Bill Chambers and Walter Chaw have always been two of the finest online writers, and now their talents are on display together at this lovely corner of cyberspace.
Frank Ochieng is another one of those online writers who I read often, and his contributions to the World Journal (and in the past -- Cinema 2000) are great pieces of work.
A relatively new DVD web site that is focused on reviews and reviews alone, none of that over-the-top internet design to get in the way. To the point and informative.
Another local movie guru, David Walker, has some of the most hilarious things to say in his own film commentaries.
The biggest state news publication also has one of the best working film critics of our time working there. Check here often for some great work by Shawn Levy.
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