August 4, 1998
First version of this site, originally dubbed "David Keyes' THE CINEMA!", launches on Geocities. Original web address is
August 6, 1998
First review is published: "The Black Cauldron," Disney's 25th animated feature, which arrived on VHS for the first time two days prior.
September 18, 1998
Site converts to "frame" format (left menu and right-side text body). Original menu consists of blue film reel background and yellow link buttons. (preview coming soon)
October 11, 1998
"THE CINEMA!" joins "The Movie Ring".
November 14, 1998
Site address shortens to just
November 28, 1998
David Keyes becomes a member of the Online Film Critics Society.
March 12, 1999
Site opens up section for Guest Critics; readers and fellow colleagues can submit their work and have it published on-site in their own sections.
August 29, 1999
"David Keyes' THE CINEMA!" is renamed to "Cinema 2000."
September 2, 1999
Site layout is tinkered. Menu utilizes the "image map" format.
April 18, 2000
Site layout goes back to single-page html format; official title becomes "David Keyes' Cinema 2000".
February 27, 2004
"Cinema 2000" officially ends its run on Geocities servers (old site still exists there for reference purposes).
March 1, 2004 is born; layout goes back to the "frames" technique, with image collage of current releases wrapping the top and left borders of the layout (these pictures and their color schemes would change once every few months to reflect the newest releases).
January 25, 2005 launches journal on, which serves as the posting ground for general movie-related articles for the next five months.
September 1, 2005
Official hiatus from reviewing declared; site would be inactive until the following January.
July 14, 2006
Last review posted on before the eventual overhaul.
July 1, 2007 is revived, with new articles, new interfact, and an entirely new color scheme. Review and article writing resumes full-time.


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