Wrongfully Accused
Rating -

Comedy (US); 1998; Rated PG-13; 87 Minutes

Leslie Nielsen: Ryan Harrison
Richard Crenna: Lt. Fergus Falls
Kelly LeBrock: Lauren Goodhue
Melinda McGraw: Cass Lake
Michael York: Hibbing Goodhue
Sandra Bernhard: Dr. Fridley

Produced by Gary Barber, Bernd Eichinger, Bobby Herbeck, Robert Kulzer, Elizabeth Wang Lee, Martin Moszkowicz, Pat Proft, James G. Robinson and Robert L. Rosen; Directed and screenwritten by Pat Proft

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Written by DAVID KEYES

When a film critic starts throwing popcorn at the movie screen, something has to be wrong. When one booes the screen and is shouted at by other audience members for his outrageous behavior, something has to really be wrong. When one manages to live through "Wrongfully Accused," something has to be incredibly wrong.

At "Wrongfully Accused," everything goes wrong.

I must confess, I'm not ashamed that my attitude at "Wrongfully Accused" was incredibly scathing, because it is one of those movies that deserves whatever criticism and insult it gets. I don't find it a necessity to demonstrate my reactions toward a movie right there in the theater, but the day I saw Leslie Nielsen's new spoof, everyone there knew exactly how I felt.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever created. I don't know why any person would feel the need to make such trash when most know that spoof comedies don't work anymore. Actually, they've never really worked; when movies are spoofed from famous Hollywood productions like "Airport" was for "Airplane," I, along with several others, find nothing unique or amusing about it.

Never have, never will.

"Wrongfully Accused" is no exception. It pokes fun at the cliches of "Titanic" and "The Fugitive" with no success, and at times, I often felt like I was watching a sequel to "The Naked Gun."

Why, you ask? Because they're all the same. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all, and frankly, it's nauseating, especially considering that Leslie Nielsen himself has wound up in the majority of them.

Does he not have anything better to do? Does he consider this material to be unique or funny? I doubt it. Perhaps the only thing on his mind in making these movies is the payment afterwards.

And after you see the mess of "Wrongfully Accused," one of the worst spoofs in years, you could possibly get the hint that Nielsen's not the only actor getting away with it. As David Congdon, a loyal reader of mine pointed out once, "it just goes to show that if he can make millions for having the acting ability of a dead tree, anyone can do it."

He took the words right out of my mouth.

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